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Aerial footage is the future of construction project management. Real Estate agents take notice. Drone footage will get your property sold. Show a potential buyer what the surrounding area looks like and watch the offers roll in! We are Commercially Licensed Pilots with Remote ID-compliant drones!

Professional Drone Footage

Are you a busy project manager/General Contractor? Don’t have time to drive to all your projects attempting to monitor everything all at once? All you need is some aerial footage from the professional. Get your progress footage as often as you like delivered as quickly as same-day! Get 20 megapixel and 48 megapixel photos that can be used for your social media as well. You also get 4K 30fps video with a variety of angles included. I have over ten years investigating Insurance Claims. I can assure that aerial footage will be valuable to any adjuster working on your case if a claim is filed against you.
Attention Commercial Real Estate Agents! There is no building too big for my skills. Frome small office buildings to projects measuring two city blocks, get your listings sold quickly with the best marketing photos and videos! I also post to Instagram and tag all companies, included in the fee.

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We served over 100 clients in our seven years tenure and helped them claim damages without hassle and delay. Here’s what they say about us.