Do you know what your roof looks like?

Do you own a roofing company who needs a quick look at a roof before bidding for the contract to repair or replace the roof?  Is your website in need of refreshing with spectacular photos from up to 400 feet above the structure?  This service will address all of your roof inspection photography needs.  My DJI Mavic Air 2 will record in 4K, take crystal clear photos that will bracket different types of images on the fly, and get you going on a roofing project without setting up a 30 foot ladder against someone else’s structure.  Why risk walking on a roof, risk breaking tiles and other items on the roof when there is a better option available for less money spent.  Why risk falling off the roof just to have a look?  Get amazing photos and videos of your project today.  We offer reasonable rates.

Pool contractors can also use this photography service to get “resort-style” photos and videos of their pool projects from high up looking down.  Clients will love those dazzling overhead photos shown in HDR on your portfolio.


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