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My wife and I are proud to rescue animals. Our very first pet was a Calico cat, Alice, which our neighbor gifted to us just before they moved. Alice reached the age of 21 when she passed. Three days later on 2/13/2016, Cats In Fullerton get in touch with us with two beautiful kittens at 4 months old. We fell in love with them right away in the PetCo as soon as we saw them. They are the apple of our eyes and have become great companions ever since. We stand behind the theme “Adopt, don’t shop.” Adopt a pet today. Call the adoption agencies listed below today. Many pets are eagerly waiting to love compassionate owner.

Cats In Fullerton

They are a volunteer-run, no-kill Southern California rescue group that strives to bring stray cats and their owners together.

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The Tygenhof Animal Refuge – All Animals Matter

They rescue and rehabilitate animals on the brink of being euthanized, providing shelter until they find their homes.

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