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We provide Professional Home and Business Inventory Services. Get the professionals to document your property and contents before you need to file a claim.

So, what should you do if that ever happens to you?

Well, you need the photos of your valuables ‘B4’ they are damaged or stolen.

I have been sent on thousands of property damage claims by adjusters from:

  • The Hartford
  • Liberty Mutual
  • State Farm
  • Nationwide
  • National General
  • USAA, and others

When I arrive, I am presented with the task of taking photos of a blank wall where a 70” TV used to be and an empty set of drawers where thousands of dollars worth of heirlooms or valuable tools were stolen.

Photos of blank walls, empty drawers, mold-covered contents, and burned-out property do not help the adjuster put an accurate value on damaged or destroyed contents.  Photos of your insured property taken by an experienced professional “B4” disaster strikes will assist the insurance adjuster in the event of a claim.

I have worked for years for adjusters and have represented insurance companies. The photos of pre-damage care just as important as the photos taken after the damage has occurred.

This is because with after photos, it’s quite challenging for the adjusters and insurance companies to estimate the value of your content. Therefore, to get an accurate value, they need ‘B4’ photos of your home.

That’s where B4UClaim comes in providing you with Professional Home Inventory Services where we take all necessary ‘B4’ photos that you need to present it your adjusters and insurance company to claim damages of your content.

With B4UClaim, you can experience 7 years of insurance claims inspection services.  Here is what you will receive “B4” your property is damaged.  You can choose from two choices of service levels:

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Standard Package

  • Photos building exterior and address
  • Overview video of the interior
  • Overview photos of each room
  • Photos of electronics and furniture condition required by adjusters
  • USB drive with documentation included

Premium Package is Standard Package plus

  • Inventory Contents List Document via USB drive and online storage service

It is important to know the condition of your roof.  Would you spend $10-25k on a car without looking at it?  The same question applies to your roof.  I am FAA Part 107 licensed to fly a drone camera over your building.  FAA airspace restrictions may apply.

Roof photos and video

  • Photos and video of the roof by camera drone is extra and subject to FAA Airspace restrictions

Best of all, you keep the photos!  You can make as many copies as you want and give them to the insurance company when you file a claim.  So, register a profile and call or click today and schedule a free consultation.

So, give us a call and schedule 15 minutes today meeting where we will take you through all the processes of my service.

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Client’s Testimonials

We served over 100 clients in our seven years tenure and helped them claim damages without hassle and delay. Here’s what they say about us.