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  • Homeowners
  • Business owners
  • Vehicle owners
  • Insurance Adjusters

Get the professional to document and photograph the claims as soon as the policy holder notices damage or theft.

Have you have ever walked into your home or business and found your building and contents damaged or destroyed by a California wildfire or water damaged because the water pipe burst?  You can trust us as the experienced professionals to take photos and measurements as soon as the damage is discovered.  Waiting for an insurance company to send their people out to inspect and photograph can take weeks.  I will give you the photos right away.  Our photos could be more than good enough to save the adjuster from sending out their own photographer, which gets your claim process moving quicker.  I have extensive experience inspecting and photographing:

  • Fire loss
  • Water loss
  • Burglary and Break-in
  • Earthquake
  • Building and Contents photos
  • Exterior landscaping
  • Fence and Solid Wall

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The items provided in this package are:

  • Photo of address and front of building
  • Videos of walk-thru (interior and exterior)
  • Photos of all interior rooms
  • Photos of damaged areas (wide angle and close up)
  • Measurements of damaged areas and continuous floor and ceiling

You get the photos on the spot, and they are yours to keep.  Trust the experienced professional to get the photos “B4UFix”.  The proof is in the photos.

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Client’s Testimonials

We served over 100 clients in our seven years tenure and helped them claim damages without hassle and delay. Here’s what they say about us.