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Welcome to B4UDrive.  This page is for individuals who own cars, trucks, boats, off-road (ex: Polaris), motorcycles, semi’s, farm equipment, and any other type of vehicle.

Protect Yourself Getting Scammed By Other Parties

In today’s world, it’s crucial to document the current condition of your vehicle whether it’s in mint condition or has prior damage. You or someone you know may have been in a fender bender but the “other guy” is claiming your prior damage to be “new damage,” trying to scam you and the insurance company to pay for the damages that they are not entitled to. A mere 5 mph bump from the back could lead to a thousand dollars in damage claims if your vehicle isn’t documented before the accident occurred. Several times I have been on an assignment where there was no major accident, and find someone trying the scam the other person just because s/he doesn’t have prior damage photos of their vehicle.

Commercial fleets and semis are especially vulnerable to accident staging and theft of the truck with the tools. Work trucks will most likely have some minor prior damage. When you have the photos of “B4” the accident occurs, it will rule out anyone who’s trying to claim prior damage as “new” damage.

When you have photos of prior damage before they are stolen or damaged, it will help a lot for the adjuster to assess a more accurate value of your vehicle repair and replacement. You should rely on a professional when it comes to inventory and organizing your fleet.

I Can Go Anywhere The Vehicle Is Located

The biggest benefit I can provide you is that I can go to any place where the vehicle is located. You don’t need to park all the vehicles in one place at a time. I can work on the vehicles at the worksite while your employees focus on their work. When an accident occurs, I am the professional who will come out right away to document any new damages to get your case closed faster. You will have both prior and post photos of damages occur which you can provide to the adjuster upon their request. You always need a professional who knows how to get the required photos that the adjuster needs to process any claims involved with your fleet or private vehicles


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My 7 Years Of Experience And Expertise

After an accident occurs, adjusters will need photos of the accident scene to better assess the sequence of events. I have extensive experience of 7 years in getting photos of intersections, parking lots, driveways, and scenes at mile marker locations which make me the right person for the job. I take industry-standard photos which are shot from a distance from the scene. The photos are also taken from the middle of the street, not from the sidewalk. It can be quite challenging sometimes, especially when taken from busy intersections. Nonetheless, I provide this view almost 100% of the time. Light sequence videos from red to green to yellow to red +5 seconds are taken in 1080p at all corners.

  • Intersections
  • Parking Lots
  • Driveways
  • Scenes at Mile Markers

Major Intersections I Have Documented

Specified “time of day/night” orders subject to extra cost.  Freeway scenes are available in 4K video from BlackVue front and rear cameras.  VLC Player may be needed to replay.  Some of the intersections I have documented are:

  • CA91/Lemon & Harbor
  • CA60 at Hacienda Bl.
  • Imperial HWY at La Palma (3 times, once in the rain)
  • Santa Monica Bl/La Brea Bl.
  • US101 & Vermont
  • most of the intersections in downtown LA.

There are several of these intersections in downtown San Diego that I have documented as well, including in front of the Navy Base. All of these were taken from the middle of the street.  If you have an accident, just upload your police report to your profile and contact me, whether you are a lawyer, adjuster, or policyholder.  Trust the experienced professional to document your vehicle B4UDrive.

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Client’s Testimonials

We served over 100 clients in our seven years tenure and helped them claim damages without hassle and delay. Here’s what they say about us.